How does an internet outage effect your business? Retail unable to process credit cards Employees not able to access email or shared files Unable to connect to vendor sites Can’t connect to cloud QuickBooks UCaaS phones stop working IP Security cameras no longer broadcasting Business STOPS Money being lost   Simple way to fix this – Having more than one Internet connection After choosing the proper type of internet connectivity for your business, choose a



  SD WAN EXPLAINED… You may have heard the term “SD-WAN” being thrown about lately. SD-WAN is an emerging technology. It makes sense that there are a lot of myths about it. Want to know the truth about SD-WAN? Myth #1: SD-WAN is the same as WAN optimization WAN optimization and SD-WAN both reduce bandwidth use. But SD-WAN provides solutions that meet or exceed those offered by traditional WAN technologies: Connectivity to other cloud based

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