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  1. TMaaS allows instant bill audit every month when the bill comes in.  When a location is moved or tagged. If any billing shows up for the old location it is flagged as a variance and a billing dispute is opened to ensure timely resolution.
  2. The TMaaS expense module grabs information from scanned bill and loads into portal and at the same time does an instant audit to compare each location with what the contracted MRC (monthly recurring charges) are supposed to be.  If there is a variance, location is flagged for further review.
  3. The TrueChoice bill review team then reviews flagged locations to determine reason for variance and either opens billing dispute with carrier or approves for payment if increased charges are pre approved.  No matter the decision, this is forwarded to you each week in update reports.

How do you know when your services are out of contract or your provider has improved service offerings?


TMaaSallows one click on location within portal to see any existing contract information to allow easy confirmation of liability before making any changes

  1. As part of TMaaS, account reviews are done on a preset basis and provided on a side by side comparison to ensure you are on the best pricing plan for comparable products.
  2. Your TrueChoice Account manager, will have quarterly follow ups to review any changes in your business practices or share enhancements in technology that would be something to consider to allow your business to more productive or efficient.
  3. Our TMaaS portal is loaded with 180 different providers / carriers and is updated as new products or pricing models are released.  Your TrueChoice account manager will be reviewing your account once a quarter to ensure you are on best pricing model allowed by the terms and conditions of your current provider.

Are you wasting your time on phone following up on carrier trouble tickets?

  1. When utilizing assisted help desk module of TMaaS, all carrier trouble tickets are documented, followed up on, and escalated when needed.
  2. If a recurring problem is causing tickets to be opened multiple times for same issue, the ticket portal will flag it as recurring to allow you TrueChoice team to quickly identify and escalate.
  3. When utilizing assisted help desk module of TMaaS, a ticket isn’t closed in our TrueChoice portal just because carrier states complete.  A TrueChoice team member will reach out to your location effected to confirm the issue is resolved before closing the ticket.

My employees are not properly trained and this causes user issues?

  1. Truechoice TMaaS has process to daily follow up with all of your employees through quick one or two click email questionnaire to ensure your employees are comfortable with solution they were recently trained on.  If employee chooses no, options pop up to get detail of area where additional training is needed. Training is then followed up on for the specific parties that need it. Reports are provided as to employee engagement and satisfaction and email questionnaire continues until all employees click they are trained and comfortable with new solution.

TrueChoice is an extension of your company with our TMaaS Technology Management as a Service


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