Great question…While TrueChoice represents providers that you could work directly with, your TrueChoice Trusted Advisor is not interested in selling anyone a product that the marketing department for a specific company is forcing their employees to push.  Your TrueChoice Trusted Advisor, gathers information from you and then goes out and matches the providers and products based on what you really need. Your Truechoice Trusted Advisor can also bring in multiple options to evaluate and this is done at no extra cost to you.  Just part of  TMaaS from TrueChoice.

Does it cost more to use a provider through Truechoice?

No.  In fact, it may cost you less.  Employees that work directly for a provider are taught to not sell on price, they are taught to sell on perceived value. They may or may not have the best option for your business, but their marketing departments spend money training employees to build value to exceed the price of service they are proposing.  Providers do not want to be treated as a commodity because then the lowest price wins. There are distinct differences between providers and some have different strengths.  However, your TrueChoice Trusted Adviser will bring in options that match up on each other’s strengths and therefore allow TrueChoice to fight to ensure you are getting a great price for the solution that is needed.

TrueChoice is an extension of your company with our TMaaS Technology Management as a Service

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