TrueChoice Telecom works with the best internet, data and VoIP providers to offer customized, effective and efficient program; each as unique as our valued clients.  We pride ourselves on exceptional, “customer-centric” service before, during and long after the sale.  Regardless of the size of your company, we act as an extension of your staff, meeting all of your telecom needs.  We free you up to concentrate on your business, not connectivity issues.  That’s our job – and we do it well!

Our History

TrueChoice Telecom was founded by Anthony Gomez in January 2003, as a way to provide objective telecom solutions and multiple service options for business clients across the United States. Prior to TrueChoice Telecom, most companies purchased their telecom services from employees of a particular telecom provider. The services offered were biased because they could only sell their own solutions. At TrueChoice, we’ve sifted through hundreds of providers to establish strategic alliances and partnerships with the best in the business. By packaging an extensive variety of service options from a single contact we’ve been able to attract some of the best solution-based sales people and leaders in the telecom industry, which is a real benefit for our clients.

The combination of multiple providers from one single contact has proved to be nothing short of incredible. The year 2014 became the eleventh consecutive year that TrueChoice experienced double digit growth in net billings and gross profit. We now have four partners and, by providing effective, cost-saving solutions for our clients, each has enjoyed significant success with the company.


  • Scott Williams
    CEO / President
  • Anthony Gomez
    Partner / Board Member
  • Michael Obraitis
    VP of Software Sales
  • Lori Williams
    VP of Operations
  • Phil Nahajewski
    Chief Financial Officer


First, TrueChoice will conduct a comprehensive, no-obligation analysis of your current services and costs. Then we’ll perform a “wish list” inventory of your needs

TrueChoice will ask for proposals from those providers who best match your needs, walk you through each solution, determine the best fit for bandwidth and explore added enhancements and productivity-increasing features.

TrueChoice walks you through each step as new equipment is installed and new services are implemented for a seamless and worry-free transition.  All of your account details, from order to services to amendments, are available 24/7 and are continually updated on our custom Relationship and Process Management (RPM) tracking system.

  • “TrueChoice added to our capabilities while slashing our costs by double digits! Although I admit I was leery about going with an agent rather than contact providers directly, it paid off in efficiency and in savings. We look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship.”

    Mark Lee - Lawrence Controls Global

  • “Their expertise made it possible to achieve peering density, commercial fiber footprint and routing quality. This was all necessary for us to deliver critical applications and hosting capabilities to our customers, as well as to provide direct connectivity for more than 1,200 business-based customer websites.”

    Joshua Marshal - AlwaysOn Internet Solutions

  • “Employees from our company can now contact TrueChoice directly for phone problems or service requests from our provider saving time for our very busy IT department.”

    Tom Johanssen - Wilson Aeronautics

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