We provide education friendly telecom solutions that save your organization money, while delivering even more features. But we don’t stop there. We continuously watch for better provider products for you at the next contract renewal date.

With an array of education clients, TrueChoice Telecom has the expertise and solutions to help you meet today’s challenges, while controlling your costs.

TrueChoice Telecom has the services and solutions that can help schools, colleges and universities meet their challenges to do more with less. We provide communications and network solutions that will help advance your goals to deliver the best education outcomes for your students.

Get affordable, scalable, and secure technology to address the needs of students and faculty, for enhanced classroom experiences from TrueChoice Telecom.

Control costs, simplify, and streamline the management of your voice and network requirements with TrueChoice Telecom

Technology in today’s classrooms is dramatically changing the way students learn. Learning doesn’t just occur in the classroom anymore – it takes place outside the classroom, online, and around the clock. These changes are challenging schools and higher education institutions to keep up with the demands being placed on their communications, IT and network infrastructure in a cost effective manner.

Let us show you how to accelerate application and network performance

We can help you migrate from legacy telephone systems to next-generation IP-based communications platforms.

We can ensure the availability and integrity of your applications, data and networks

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