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We provide specialized Legal Telecom Solutions that save your firm money, while at the same time, delivering more features. But we don’t stop there. We continuously watch for better provider products for you at the next contract renewal date.

Now is the Time for Unified Communications that Adjust to the Changing Needs of Your Firm

We understand that the communications landscape that law firms face has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. And that more changes are in the pipeline. Mobility, call flow management, IP–based technologies, and the integration of collaboration-enabling technologies have all combined to make significant productivity gains possible.

TrueChoice Telecom can show your firm how to integrate, manage, and maximize the value of these technologies, even as new tools come to the marketplace and firm resources are stretched to their limits.

Your Law Library Should Be in the Cloud

In-house law libraries are fast going the way of the typewriter as, today, electronic legal research prevails. However those vast libraries are located cities, or even a world away from the professionals who need to access them. TrueChoice Telecom’s providers enable your firm to access those databases in many ways: from high-speed Internet access to more robust connection options with high performance and optimal service quality.

Video Conferencing Brings People Together in Real Time

Whether conference-room to conference-room, or desktop-to-desktop, Video Conferencing is facilitating company-wide meetings and associate training sessions. Externally, lawyers and courtrooms are launching new Video Conferencing systems for depositions and settlement conferences, and also facilitating private, secure conversations no matter where participants are located. TrueChoice Telecom’s networks handle the demanding technical capabilities that video traffic requires and even help disparate networks connect to deliver high-definition video between locations.

Because Confidentiality & Security are Crucial

With e-Discovery regulations and massive storage requirements, you need secure access and effective tools to manage the volume. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure enacted in 2006 spurred an exodus of legal information from paper to digital form.  TrueChoice Telecom can help you manage these extraordinary data needs with communications solutions that match your goals and budget constraints.  The practical benefits of that transformation are clear.  However, there is a corresponding operational need to effectively manage that data, transport it and store it safely.  TrueChoice Telecom can help you manage these extraordinary data needs with communications solutions that match your goals and budget constraints.

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