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Solutions for a Single Location, Multi-Locations & Enterprises

We are firm believers in paying less for more services, upgraded technology, having a single point of contact,  feeling your business is secure with no service interruption.

    Improving essential infrastructure is always in style. Let us show you how to leverage your technology to create a sustainable, competitive advantage.
    With optional built-in layered redundancies, data and phone service are protected from interruptions. If service goes down, back-up systems are “instant on”.Better. Faster. Less Expensive. And More Secure.
    We become your Telecom Concierge, your one-point contact for all your telecom needs. You should be free to concentrate on your business – not connectivity issues.
    TrueChoice will work with you to explore increased cost inefficiencies and telecom expense management.  If we find a better deal (and in all likelihood, we will) we’ll make sure you know all about it.

Single Location

TrueChoice provides a full range of equipment and services from the best known brands in the telecom industry.  We pride ourselves in representing the best for our small business owners, so we can make your business better.  We have tailored services and products that can help maximize the small business owner’s productivity and wallet.

Mid-Size Businesses

As your business grows, so does your technology needs.  We can find savings for businesses with fewer than 100 Employees and provide all the support with a seamless implementation.  Even if you have limited IT staff or resources – we can help!


We work with many regional and national businesses with 25 or more locations across the United States.  By consolidating services for our enterprise clients, we have been able to contain costs and mitigate their risk of downtime.  By navigating the intricacies of colocation or cloud infrastructure with our experts, TrueChoice can accomplish the same for your company.

Odds are, you are paying for some services that we can provide you at no cost.

Get customized bundles regardless of your business size or number of employees.  Let us show you how to leverage your technology to create a sustainable, competitive advantage.

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