Do you ever hear moving to the cloud and wonder what does it mean? Great news is there are plenty of articles written about the subject. First you need to determine what services you are referring to when mentioning “the cloud” and then click on the links below for more information. Voice Services SIP – For the business user that may not be ready for full blown cloud, SIP is moving in baby steps. It

Multiple custom solution options designed for real time customer interaction, improved agent efficiency, rich meaningful management reporting, remote worker and supervisor support, and improved customer experience. Single Agent Interface for all types of customer contact provides environment that is for easier to train and manage   Intelligent Call Routing IVR/ACD Data Driven Skill’s based, Team Based, or Business Unit Routing Call Back in Queue providing decreased abandon rates Multiple Media Supported and integrated with PBX

                            DO YOU SPEND TIME GOING THROUGH ALL OF YOUR BILLS EVERY MONTH TO ENSURE THEY ARE CORRECT? TMaaS allows instant bill audit every month when the bill comes in.  When a location is moved or tagged. If any billing shows up for the old location it is flagged as a variance and a billing dispute is opened to ensure timely resolution.

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