Do you ever hear moving to the cloud and wonder what does it mean? Great news is there are plenty of articles written about the subject. First you need to determine what services you are referring to when mentioning “the cloud” and then click on the links below for more information. Voice Services SIP – For the business user that may not be ready for full blown cloud, SIP is moving in baby steps. It

  What Features are available in Workplace that can replace some of your existing tools? Companies find that they can eliminate or drastically reduce their need for internal collaboration tools such as their intranet, telephony systems, video conferencing and distribution lists. Workplace does more than just simplify communications – it inspires all levels of the company to embrace digital and mobile, and adopt a culture of speed and transparency. In addition, Workplace is easy to

Innovative Collaborative Web Based Next Generation Capabilities Leverages the already familiar interface that most people are familiar with already from GMAIL   How do you roll out G Suite to your business? Call us at 888.249.9755 or email for additional information at truechoice

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