From Physical security to data at rest or in motion, TrueChoice ensures we are delivering a solution that protects your business communications. Security and privacy begin with the way data is handled, stored and protected. Partnering with TrueChoice will ensure your company is on a platform that conforms to stringent specifications for securing financial information, customer privacy and computer networks.

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Cybercrime damages are estimated to globally cost $6 trillon annually in 2021, and Ransomware damage costs are predicted to be 57x higher in 2021, reaching $20 billion, compared to 2015.

TrueChoice Technology partners with industry leaders to implement secure protection for everything from your data and brand to your property and network. Cyber security and physical security are not just about technology. While technology plays a substantial role, alone it is not enough to protect you from modern vector attacks. TrueChoice Technology follows the ISO 27001 standard that recommends every comprehensive security solution address all areas of information security risk including people, process & technology. By following this standard, we are confident we can help protect your mission-critical assets, and bring the solutions required to protect, monitor, and respond to attacks from all vectors—protecting more than just your data and your network, but also your brand and reputation.


True choice integrates voice, meetings, team messaging capabilities into a secure and compliant system of engagement.


We follow the comprehensive security solution to protect and monitor all your data and your networks.


We put strong efforts to reduce vendor risk by conducting vendor risk assessment, mitigation, and monitoring performance over time.


Our integrated cloud communication platform keeps communication unified and helps in enhancing productivity.

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Instead of working with providers directly, TrueChoice does the work for you. Your Tech Advisor will serve as your single point of contact, gathering information about your organization and matching you with the best providers and products based on what you really need.

Your TrueChoice Trusted Advisor will bring you multiple options to evaluate—at no cost to you. After handling procurement, delivery, and setup, we’ll continuously monitor for better provider products for you at the next contract renewal date.

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