Moving to the cloud? Hype or not, its time to get on board!

Written By: Lori Williams VIDEO , White Paper 04.11.2018

Do you ever hear moving to the cloud and wonder what does it mean?

Great news is there are plenty of articles written about the subject. First you need to determine what services you are referring to when mentioning “the cloud” and then click on the links below for more information.

Voice Services

  • SIP – For the business user that may not be ready for full blown cloud, SIP is moving in baby steps. It does however allow businesses with multiple locations to benefit from cloud technology by pooling call paths together and replacing local phone lines or PRI’s to lower phone bill while still keeping all of your phone numbers.
  • UCaaS – Unified Communications as a Service – Full blown cloud service. This moves your PBX into the cloud. Based on provider chosen, multiple layers of redundancy can be utilized by servers spread over multiple data centers across the USA or even the world with active to active technology to ensure the outside world can always reach your company whether that be live answer, automated attendant, or voice mail. Connecting to phones on your desk, mobile apps on your cell phone, or desktop apps on your tablet or computer.
  • Cloud Contact Center can work as a hybrid solution or full cloud. Ensuring call flow for your customers getting to you is handled the most efficient way for your business. Full set of reporting to show you hold times, abandoned calls, and which of your employees are the rock stars that handle the most calls and handles them in the way you want to be handled. Also can provide call recording, call monitoring, auto call back without losing place in line. Complete integration with many CRM’s such as sales force.

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6 Benefits of a Cloud Contact Center

Other forms of Communication

  • Days of owning your own exchange server have passed with the growth of the cloud. Whether you prefer Microsoft 365, Google G Suite, or Workplace by Facebook, there are a lot of options.
  • Video conferencing with built-in web collaboration to allow you to work with anyone in the world as if they were sitting in your conference room
  • Managing workflows

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For Data Connectivity and Security

  • SDWAN – Enhancing or replacing MPLS with software-defined networks and direct connectivity to cloud providers like Amazon
  • Cyber Security – protecting with a hardware device that requires updates cannot beat out the cybercriminals or pranksters of today. Cloud-based monitoring and security are a must to ensure the protection of your data.

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