Telecom Asset Management

One centralized provider means more efficient invoicing and billing – and more effective, yet simplified management tools. We offer a next-gen, web-based portal to monitor and manage your communications infrastructure and services. Real time monitoring of your entire network infrastructure, and view all telecom infrastructure: circuits, IP addresses, locations, orders, and contracts.

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First and foremost, Telecom asset Management provides Vendor Management. Give yourself one less thing to do—TMaaS comes with the advantage of vendor management.

Tech advisors play a crucial role as a telecom concierge who assists in fulfilling all your telecom needs. Once a quarter, your tech advisor will take a follow-up audit of any progressions in your strategic business approaches and examine innovation improvements that will streamline your operations. Moreover, your telecom specialist will also work with you to analyse expanded cost inefficiencies, and telecom costs. Every month they will follow bill auditing procedures to guarantee they're right and will flag if any variance occurs. Telecom agents work with different vendors to give organizations a service package choice that is custom-made to their requirements and financial plan. Tech advisors tell associations the best way to use their technology to achieve a sustainable yet competitive benefit. At whatever point, technology advances, or your provider updates their offerings, your tech advisor consultant with you if it benefits you.


From installation to implementation to audits, our Telecom Management as a service (TMaas) is the best option for companies seeking telecom management assistance.


Our telecom advisor coordinates with multiple vendors to provide service package options that fits your needs and budget.


Our advisor will see a crystal-clear picture of your telecom expenditure on existing infrastructure and provide suggestions to save money and be more efficient.


Our advisors will take charge of your business practices and discuss how technology enhancement can streamline your operations.

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Instead of working with providers directly, TrueChoice does the work for you. Your Tech Advisor will serve as your single point of contact, gathering information about your organization and matching you with the best providers and products based on what you really need.

Your TrueChoice Trusted Advisor will bring you multiple options to evaluate—at no cost to you. After handling procurement, delivery, and setup, we’ll continuously monitor for better provider products for you at the next contract renewal date.

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