Can Technology Improve the Guest Experience? Can it Ever!

You already know that the right communication system is vital to every successful hotel.   TrueChoice Telecom’s technology has the flexibility to adapt to guest and staff requirements with a minimum of management overhead.  With our technology, we can help your property enhance your guest experience, profits, staff productivity and reduce your costs.

Your guests demand a lot. Access to high-speed Internet and a wide range of cable television channels is no longer an amenity. It’s now critical for guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Our secure, wholly-owned network can provide scalable Internet bandwidth for a better in-room experience at even the most remote hotels. And our solutions are secure and reliable enough for mission-critical reservations, procurement and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) apps. TrueChoice Telecom can help you provide five-star guest experience.

Guest Experience

Identify all guests before answering calls

WiFi for guests

Provide services and attraction information

One-touch contact keys

Announce breakfast options

Take food and amenities orders throughout the property

Reduce Costs

Update configurations fast using our user-friendly web portal at no additional cost to you

Connect to our cost-effective Voice, Internet and Video Communications

Reduce training requirements

Reduce complexity, simplify support and save energy using our technology


Centralize Reservations

Allow guests to book at your property at the touch of a button

Attract meeting and conference-room business by offering flexible communication services

Easily change promotional information

Offer WiFi for free or as a bundled package

Increase Staff Productivity

Use mobile WiFi devices to securely access reservation and admin tools

Allow staff to move efficiently between tasks with cordless handsets

Streamline staff communication using wireless phones and texting

Connect on and off-site staff with one number

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