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If you work in the Media space, you understand better than most that technology is becoming less of a luxury and more of a commodity every-day. Cybersecurity threats are no longer a “maybe” but a “when” and “are we prepared” – our industry is changing every minute of every-day and we pride ourselves at TrueChoice in ensuring your business is ready for whatever threats may come.


Media and Big Tech is ever changing, as digital transformation is no longer a buzz word, but “the norm.”

Bandwidth is a necessary commodity in the Media industry and TrueChoice is committed to ensuring their customer is always connected, and receiving the best quality, latency, and speeds of connectivity possible. Redundancy and a foolproof disaster recovery plan are a necessary component for success in the tech industry and we are dedicated to ensuring that our end users are connected at all times.

What We Offer:


Reliable Connectivity - Internet T-1 Connections over our carrier- class IP network and Ethernet Internet.


VoIP and Data Solutions- Maximize the efficiency of call center operations.


Disaster Recovery plans for business of all sizes.


Scalable Cyber Security Solutions to ensure the safety of each of these customers.


Why Work with TrueChoice Technology


Instead of working with providers directly, TrueChoice does the work for you. Your Tech Advisor will serve as your single point of contact, gathering information about your organization and matching you with the best providers and products based on what you really need.

Your TrueChoice Trusted Advisor will bring you multiple options to evaluate—at no cost to you. After handling procurement, delivery, and setup, we’ll continuously monitor for better provider products for you at the next contract renewal date.


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