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Saying that manufacturing has undergone profound changes over the past five years is most certainly an understatement. Traditional supply chain management—from product development, production, and supply to sales and service—no longer dominates the business model. As expanding international manufacturers relocate in countries around the world, the business assets that make up the supply chain—people, products, equipment, and raw materials—are increasingly on the move.

And that calls for solutions that improve communication and collaboration, provide flexibility for changing market conditions, enhance operational efficiency, and improve security.

Here's How TrueChoice can Help

TrueChoice Telecom provides the infrastructure to enable complete communications across the manufacturing enterprise. These hosted, cloud-based applications optimize collaboration, improve productivity and significantly reduce travel throughout the manufacturing environment and between locations.

  • Increase productivity through communication, thus reducing latency between teams, lowering travel-related costs and causing fewer delays
  • Allow personnel to quickly and cost-effectively share information and collaborate in real time to resolve supply chain issues
  • Offer sales teams the ability to enhance customer service and meet with clients more often
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