How Healthy is Your IT Network?

We provide specialized Medical Telecom solutions that save your organization money and deliver more features. But we don’t stop there. We continuously watch for better provider products for you at the next contract renewal date.

Whether you work in a hospital setting, physician’s network, specialty clinic, senior care facility, laboratory, university research environment or biotech firm, TrueChoice Telecom provides robust communications that connect your organization, patients and partners, today and tomorrow—so you can focus more time on the people you serve.

How Can We Help You?

We can provide network transport and data center solutions that store, send and receive data between locations and data centers.

Take advantage of our high-performance private networks to securely connect locations and support a broad range of voice, video, data and information.

Network redundancy and business continuity solutions are available through our fiber networks and broadband wireless connections.

TrueChoice Telecom has the expertise, integrated solutions and network infrastructure to enable you to meet your communications requirements and operate efficiently.

Spend More Time Focusing on the People You Serve

At TrueChoice Telecom, we’ll help you find solutions to all of your communication challenges.  We can help you:

  • Improve patient care
  • Maintain data
  • Transport and store large amounts of information and imaging
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Prepare for emergencies
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