Industry Solutions

Over the last decade, we have gained specialized experience in many diverse industries. This experience enables us to provide our customers with smarter solutions.


We have the expertise, integrated solutions and network infrastructure that enable you to meet your communications requirements and operate efficiently.  We are especially familiar with these products in the healthcare arena, and all of the compliance issues that need to be addressed.  We can link multiple locations and provide useful features and benefits, generally at a significant cost savings.

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TrueChoice Telecom can show your firm how to integrate, manage, and maximize the value of these technologies, even as new tools come to the marketplace and firm resources are stretched to their limits.

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Financial Services

With insight from a team of professionals dedicated to fulfilling the needs of enterprise’s most demanding and sophisticated buyers, TrueChoice Telecom has earned a strong reputation in communications services from leading financial services firms.

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With an array of clients in the education industry, TrueChoice Telecom has the expertise and solutions to help you meet today’s challenges, while controlling your costs.

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Effective voice, data, and IT networking solutions can reduce costs and improve operations across the entire value chain with retail technology solutions provided by TrueChoice Telecom.

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At TrueChoice we understand that your guests demand a lot. Access to high-speed Internet and a wide range of cable television channels is no longer an amenity -it’s now critical for guest satisfaction and loyalty.

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TrueChoice Telecom understands that by enabling unified communication across the enterprise, travel agencies can experience increased collaboration, continuity and communication between sites and improved call center efficiency through use of smart monitoring and routing tools.

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TrueChoice Telecom has proven expertise in providing media companies with reliable, scalable, networking solutions with constant monitoring to ensure “always-on” service.

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Technology application developers rely on TrueChoice Telecom for communications solutions, including always available, scalable, and reliable SOA and SaaS infrastructure, plus voice, data, and IT networking solutions.

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TrueChoice Telecom provides the infrastructure that enables complete communication across the manufacturing enterprise. These hosted, cloud-based applications optimize collaboration, improve productivity, and significantly reduce travel between locations.

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